About the Owners

With an affinity for ‘hands-on’ work Grace Da Maren was formally educated as a General Machinist.  In 2011 she combined her technical skills with her appreciation for folk music, and was educated in guitar building under renowned luthier Sergei de Jonge.  Grace understands the intricacies involved in bringing out the full potential of your instrument and is passionate about making your guitar play just how you like it.

A long time Guelph musician, Jason Da Maren knows the importance of having his gear in top shape for playing. An interest in electronics early on led to Jason graduating college as an Electronic Technician, and now he works alongside his wife, Grace, as Guelph Guitar Repair's electronics expert. With decades of experience gigging in bars, at festival events, and even providing low-key one-man performances, if you’ve got a gear question, Jason's the guy to ask.